CASS™ Processing


When a file is run through CASS Certified™ software a number of critical functions are performed.

First, the file is matched to the ZIP + 4® Database. The ZIP + 4® Database is composed of address ranges.

Example: 1 MAIN ST -through- 20 MAIN ST

If a record falls within a specified range that address is then formatted to USPS® standards.

Example: 1 MAIN STREET -becomes- 1 MAIN ST

Second, information such as ZIP + 4®, Carrier Route, and Delivery Point are appended to matching records. This is crucial information that is needed, along with your CASS™ Summary Report, to obtain postal discounts.

Third, CASS Certified™ Software will also make corrections to a file. The software will correct ZIP® codes, fill in missing post direction or pre direction, correct misspellings, and correct city/state if misaligned with a ZIP Code™.

It is important to understand that CASS™ Processing is a crucial step in the address hygiene process, but more importantly it is a required step. Records that do not match to the ZIP + 4® Database do not qualify to go through any of the other USPS® Address Hygiene products listed below.