DataBridge Duplicate ID Suite

DataBridge Marketing Systems is the leader in duplicate identification at both business and residential locations.  Whether your issue is duplicate contacts at a business or individuals at a household, we identify more accurate dupes than any of our competitors.  The result is more efficient and cost-effective solicitations by our clients.

The DataBridge Duplicate Identification Suite has been developed and updated over the last twenty-plus years as changes have occurred in the way business addresses are formatted.  Since the technology serves domestic as well as foreign addressing issues, individual’s names from around the world are accurately identified and matched.  This enable highly accurate duplicate identification without over-kill (the elimination of too many records due to inaccurate similarities).

DataBridge uses its “Bridging” suite of software to identify duplication at a site (company or household) and individual level.  Virtually every element of data presented on the input source files can be used to attempt to find similarities that, if enough are present, constitute a “bridge” that links records.  Not every record in a site grouping needs the same elements to establish the link.  For example, if record A contains address and company elements that can be seen to match record B, they will be linked.  Similarly, if record C matches record B by contact, company and phone, they will be linked.  By virtue of A matching B and B matching C, A will match C.  Following is a realistic example:

John Little   ABC Corp,123 Main Street,New York,NY10012(212)971-1234

Mary Jones  ABC Dist,  123 Mane St,      New York,NY10012(212)971-8888

J Little         A.B.C.,     P.O.Box 17,       New York,NY10013(212)971-1234

Even though our third sample record is at a different address (POB vs. Street) the software has enough other information to establish a link.  The duplicate identification process employs hundreds of matching algorithms along with Soundex and initial routines (I.E.; IBM = International Business Machines) for both company and individual names.  All of these can be adjusted to tighten or loosen the way a match is determined.  In most cases though, the standard settings capture the maximum number of duplicates without over-matching in error.

DataBridge has performed thousands of these duplicate identification processes over the years.  We have successfully employed our software in conjunction with all the major B-to-B and Consumer databases.  We quite regularly, in fact, bring these major competitors together in a single “superset” of unduplicated and deliverable information.