Email Append

DataBridge Marketing’s Email Append Service enables marketers to grow the number of emails on

their customer list.

Now marketers can grow the number of emails on their customer list through a product that offers both quality
and high match rates that can reach 40% and uses fresh, top quality data from participants contributing their active customer files.

Our service includes matching offline addresses to the customer’s online email address, and delivery of a branded email message designed to introduce online¬†communications to each of the matched customers. Upon completion of our process, you will receive the deliverable email addresses for the matched customer records.

Our average match rate on first run files is 15-25%.

Our email database currently has 500 million consumer and 16 million business records.

The database is derived from multiple sources. Each record includes name,¬†physical address, and email address. A large percentage of the records include DataBridge’s demographic data which allows you to choose from hundreds of data elements as well as email address.