Merge Purge

At DataBridge, Merge/Purge is our specialty. We divide our Merge/Purge service into Consumer and Business, making sure that your Merge/Purge is relevant to your company or organization. Focusing on accurate B2B or B2C results.

DataBridge uses state-of-the-art duplicate detection software in combination with its own seasoned custom programming to optimize its merge/purge processing. Bridge-link processing can help you target your direct marketing campaign and better understand the results through comprehensive reports.
Our sophisticated software assures you of the highest quality as we:
• Pre-process all lists using custom programming to clean up and standardize list data
• Key code, standardize addresses, correct ZIP codes, CASS-certify
• Update Moved customers through NCOA-Link
• Generate Postal presorted outputs.
Bridge -Link merge/purge offers you complete, extensive reports for analysis, including:

• Project Summary
• Reject Summary
• DMA match Summary (optional)
• List Internal Duplicates
• List External Duplicates
• Multi-List Hits analysis report
• Multi-buyers report
• Duplicate Records Samples
• Output Counts by State and SCF
• Custom counts or reports (optional)

Merge/Purge for Business
Bridge-link(B2B) merge purge identifies dupes at the individual level within a company at a location or at the company level within a location. Output can be selected at the all per company or One per company.

Merge/Purge for Consumers
Bridge-link(B2C) merge purge breaks down to the sur name level of the individual, identifying dupes at the individual level within a household at an address or at the household level within an address. Output can be selected at the all per family or one per family
Merge/Purge Match algorithm and parameters
Both Bridge-link (B2B) and Bridge-link (B2C)* are customized for each client’s needs. Match rates and algorithms can be altered through internal parameters to meet the optimized results you are looking for.