Proprietary Address Hygiene


Mail/No Mail Indicator

The Mail / No Mail Indicator looks at the results from each process that was run, and then ranks each record according to the accuracy of the client’s address data. Clients can use the score, which ranges from 1-8, as a simple guide to making decisions about whether to mail or not to mail a record.

DataBridge ACS (Address Correction Service)

DataBridge Address Correction Service is a proprietary system that will increase your overall ZIP + 4® and DPV rate– resulting in reduced postage for the newly coded addresses. By improving the accuracy of the addresses on your file, DataBridge ACS also improves the match rates for all subsequent processing – from postal hygiene services like NCOALink® and LACSLink to non-postal services like merge/purge and data append. DataBridge ACS also verifies names and delivery point information.

DataBridge PCOA (Proprietary Change of Address)

Most companies have come to rely on the U.S. Postal Service® NCOALink® product as a tool for identifying movers and updating address information prior to mailing. However, NCOALink® is only a partial solution. For a more complete solution, you should use the DataBridge Proprietary Change of Address Database along with the U.S. Postal Service® NCOALink® database.

Why Use DataBridge PCOA?
Due to the U.S. Postal Service® defined matching criteria, NCOALink® misses many moves. Also, many postal customers do not file changes of address with the U.S. Postal Service®. The DataBridge PCOA keeps track of moves for over 20 years allowing us to expand the reach of changes of address

DataBridge PCOA contains more than 25 million changes of address. All moves on PCOA database are at an individual move level and all matches will return a new address. Multiple sources “feed” the PCOA database, which is updated monthly.