Profiling, Modeling, and Statistical Analysis

Who are your customers?  What differentiates customers from prospects?  Why do certain solicitations perform better than others?  These are a few examples of the questions and issues our clients face.  We provide the capabilities for them to answer these and other questions by analyzing what it takes to become a customer.  Once we can distinguish a customer, we then look to differentiate a great customer from an average customer.

The analysis works hand-in-hand with the data and data tools that will build upon the incites of the analysis to help grow your customer base.  In simple terms, if you can identify the characteristics of a customer, you can use those characteristics to search for prospect “look-alikes”.

DataBridge utilize it’s full suite of databases and database tools to first paint a picture of a customer.  This picture can be broad and non-specific initially and then refined to bring increased clarity depending on the objective.  Supported by world-class data, both business and consumer, we are able to use that customer picture to provide a limitless pool of candidates for continued growth.