Consumer  Data Append


Enhancing your Consumer database with Demographic data allows for the analysis and further understanding of your customers.  This is a critical step in growing a customer base!  Data gathered through buying habits, real estate transactions and credit reporting are all available for append to the customer’s Consumer database.

As with Business Data Append, there are many companies that attempt to provide this service but lack the most basic data matching skills required to make an accurate transfer of data.  Let’s face it, it’s not the match rate that matters but the accuracy of the match.  Since many households can be found at an address and not always have an apartment or floor number, a match cannot be determined solely on these attributes.

As in any database construction, Merge/Purge Mailing campaign and Data Append process, the matching and grouping of Sites (Households) and Individuals within those sites is the most basic and most critical piece of the puzzle.  The DataBridge Duplicate Identification Suite is utilized in the most complex database build as well as the most basic Data Append.  It is due to this advanced matching process that DataBridge can claim the most accurate appending of data of any data service bureau in the industry.