Database Review

Many times a marketing manager feels that the tools at his disposal are just not adequate.  The most important tool, of course, is his own marketing database.  Having built, repaired and updated hundreds of databases over the years, DataBridge brings a unique view of what is possible with the data available.  We can review an existing database and offer suggestions for making it more efficient and effective.  We will put together the road map to a fully functioning marketing database and make it work within your budgetary constraints.

When our analysis is complete, you will have the knowledge of strengths and weaknesses of your current database.  We will enumerate every possible enhancement, both from a database efficiency perspective and from a marketing “usability” perspective.  You will be fully informed as to the realm of possibilities available with your current situation.

And best of all, we will give you the ability to use DataBridge to make the necessary “fixes” and additions to bring your database to the highest functioning level possible.  Or, you can simply use the analysis as a tool to seek bids for the desired improvements.  In any event, DataBridge works as your partner to ensure the best result!